Griffith Wildlife Biology (GWB) is an endangered species consulting firm specializing in the management and recovery of the state/federally endangered/threatened Least Bell's Vireo, Southwestern Willow flycatcher, California Gnatcatcher, Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Light-footed Ridgway’s Rail, Yuma Ridgway’s Rail, California Black Rail, Coastal Cactus Wren, and Arizona Bell’s Vireo in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.  In addition to presence-absence protocol surveys and long-term population monitoring, banding, and reproductive success studies for these and other FE species, GWB performs baseline biological surveys, focused ornithological surveys, monitoring and breeding studies for all other avian species in southwestern willow woodland, coastal sage, littoral, and other riparian and upland habitats throughout the Southwest. 

GWB holds all relevant state and federal Endangered Species permits and a Federal Master Banding Permit; GWB can survey, nest-monitor, and band all species noted.

GWB is the recognized leader in the design and implementation of brown-headed cowbird control programs; Jane and John Griffith co-authored the industry-standard Brown-headed Cowbird Trapping Protocol

GWB conducts intertidal and near shore marine research, including rocky and sandy shores, kelp forest, and cetology projects.  GWB is scientific SCUBA certified and operates r/v Splash, a 42 foot sailboat complete with 12’ RIB dive tender.


least bell’s vireo fledgling

cowbird m (dark) and f

purple-striped shore crab